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My founded love – Impressionism

Well, this post will be a little bit different, because it’s in English 😉 The reason is, that I would like to share this really special imression for me with everyone of my friends in Germany, as well as in Ukraine and the rest of the World. So English seems to be the right choice.

I have visited the Musée de Beaux Arts in Nice. And it did not impress me. In the fact, the street leading to the museum has impressed me much more, than the paintings and sculptures presented. I didn’t even take a picture inside. The lessons learned in this short art journey are:

  • The buiding of the museum was inspired by the Kochubynski Palace in Dikanka, Ukraine (yes, I did not know it neither and said „wow, how cool is that“)
  • Only two paintings have touched my heart: Water allegory and Earth allegory by Jan Brueghel and Hendrick von Bolen.
That’s it.
And after that I have thought back on my Paris trip earlier this year and a visit of Musée d’Orsay. And THAT’s where the art lives. As I did not write about it yet, here we go.

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